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Local ERP Software Company Celebrates 20-Year Milestone

May 13, 2019 4:36:10 PM

Cloud-based ERP software helps businesses identify operational inefficiencies and develop best practices to becoming more productive.

As they reflect on 20 years, there’s been extraordinary progress and innovation made in the way business is conducted with the advent of the internet. For neo3, a Canfield-based business software solutions company, they’ve been influential in helping organizations become more productive and profitable through operational efficiency in the digital transformation.


2019 marks neo3’s 20th anniversary of serving the community and beyond pinpoint operational inefficiencies. Unclear boundaries, redundancy and complacency in processes and procedures are a few of the obstacles businesses face on a daily basis that can consequently result in a negative work environment and lost profits.

Started in 1999 as a computer networking and technology company specializing in business infrastructure and hardware solutions, the organization evolved to software and cloud-based services as the internet grew exponentially. Many companies inquired to make goods and services accessible to a global audience through new and emerging sales channels within the internet, while streamlining the inner workings of business operations with new software solutions.

Sales channels and supply chains have advanced to satisfy the global demand, adding new challenges and complexity to managing a business. Operational inefficiencies can cost companies 20 to 30 percent in revenue each year. And while there are business management systems and tools proclaiming plausible functionality to advance workplace efficiency, organizations will inadvertently apply inaccurate processes as a result of complicated software that in fact convolutes procedures and hampers operations.

neo3 began providing Enterprise Resource Planning, commonly referred to ‘ERP,’ software to service this need.

“In today’s highly competitive and regulated business environment, we believe it’s essential that all employees and stakeholders within an organization have fast and easy access to the very latest business processes and procedures to ensure maximum operational efficiency,” states Jim Rosenberg, president and CEO of neo3. “We’ve been fortunate over our two decades of being in business to attract and retain great staff and having loyal customers to deliver trusted, proven and reliable ERP software solutions.”

This integrated management of core business processes encompasses all of the procedures and facets of an organization into one comprehensive information system that can be accessed by individuals across an entire organization. With ERP executed by state-of-the-art technology and software, businesses can automate and streamline tasks, guide employees to becoming more productive and successful in their roles and view real-time analytics into the inner workings of their operations.

From startup to prominent software company in the region, neo3 has grown over the course of 20 years, increasing its capabilities and resources. Hundreds of businesses, local and regional, from all industry sectors have utilized neo3’s integrated approach to bring about a dependable and efficient way to store and access information to stay ahead in the ever-changing and more mobile world.

“The achievements and successes of neo3 are the results of the combined efforts of our team and sound business practices,” says Rosenberg. “We’re proud of our history and how far we’ve come and look forward to continue helping businesses grow and flourish in the next 20 years and beyond.”

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