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With neo3’s NetSuite ERP Solution Partners you can easily automate processes and streamline business operations across the board. Use neo3’s third-party integrations to unify business management, financials, customer relationship management (CRM), eCommerce, and more.


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Powerful Avalara AvaTax automatically calculates sales and use tax for transactions, invoices, and other activity powered by NetSuiteNetSuite sends transaction data to AvaTax, and AvaTax sends back the tax total allowing salespeople, and others to see the tax owed in real-time. When it’s time to file, simply pull your transaction data from AvaTax to prepare your returns for each filing period.


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SPS Commerce

Whether you want to automate orders, invoices, ship notices, or warehouse documents, SPS provides pre-built EDI connections to thousands of retailers, grocers, distributors, marketplaces, and 3PLs. By integrating SPS Commerce EDI with your NetSuite system, it eliminates any concern about map updates, spec changes, EDI testing, and retesting.


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DataSelf Analytics for NetSuite leverages data warehousing, optimized NetSuite ETL (extraction, transformation and loading) processes, AWS (Amazon Web Services), Tableau (and Power BI soon), and a rich set of templates to NetSuite to deliver natural language queries, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and insightful and interactive reports and dashboards!


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Celigo products integrate your NetSuite ERP to popular marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay for timely order fulfillment and accurate product availability. Real-time ordering eliminates the need to manually move order, product, pricing, customer, and other information between NetSuite and marketplaces.


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Celigo CloudExtend
G Suite

Celigo CloudExtend G Suite™ enables accurate cloud-to-cloud synchronization of your Gmail, Calendar, and Drive within NetSuite records. This program is a single-source solution that boosts efficiency by reducing manual effort and keeping both systems in sync.  

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Celigo CloudExtend Outlook

CloudExtend Outlook brings a 1-click solution to your inbox, allowing you to view, edit, even create new NetSuite records directly in Outlook. Additionally, emails and calendar events can be easily attached to NetSuite directly from Outlook.


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Your ERP must remain your system of record, so we built seamless integrations between AvidXchange and NetSuite to help keep your accounts payable and payment operations on track. AvidXchange allows you to process your invoices and payments remotely 24/7.


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Vertex for Oracle NetSuite ERP calculates tax during the invoice or checkout process based on the latest product taxability rules and pinpoint tax area precision. Consumer use tax is also calculated and generates reports for accruals, asset and goods management, inventory removal, and purchase orders. 


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RF-SMART provides a growing array of functions to support the movement, management, manufacture, and fulfillment of inventory – in real-time, across your entire business. Advanced functionality extends the power of NetSuite, like Cycle Counting, Pick Planner, and Pack Station. As a native NetSuite application, you get the reliability, availability, and performance of the cloud ERP in a world-class mobile data collection solution.


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When you add Pacejet, the 2017 SuiteCloud Partner of the Year, you enhance NetSuite’s shipping and fulfillment capabilities. In addition to providing enhanced customer service, Pacejet can reduce shipping costs by up to 30%. Shipping labor costs can be cut by up to 80% by automating workflows and reducing manual steps through improved capabilities like pack and ship.


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Named 2017 Oracle NetSuite Innovator of the Year, Solupay’s Built For NetSuite payment acceptance solution reduces manual processes, lowers costs, eliminates fraud, and increases sales. Start accepting payments immediately with our seamless integration with NetSuite. Lower your acceptance costs, using any payment method, including alternatives like Affirm, PayPal, ACH, Apple Pay, and more. Automate your Accounts Receivable with our robust suite of eQuote-2-Cash and eInvoice-2-Cash.


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Netstock is a leader in inventory optimization and planning, giving 2,000 global challenger organizations predictive insights to maximize inventory investment. Netstock’s powerfully simple demand planning software integrates with leading global ERPs and leverages real-time data to provide prescriptive recommendations for the most important inventory decisions you need to make today.  

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EBizCharge allows you to run transactions, allow customers to pay by email, automate payment collections, and more—right within NetSuite. Easy installation and no development needed.


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Embed MerchantE into NetSuite SuitePayments for faster, more automated, and secure payment processing. Its end-to-end payment platform provides you with the tools to increase sales, drive revenue, and lower costs, all while providing operational efficiencies within NetSuite.


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Tipalti, NetSuite’s 2019 SuiteApp of the Year, is an integrated self-service supplier portal that allows you to spend less time on vendor communications. Onboard suppliers with an intelligent, integrated vendor portal that captures all the data necessary to make them payable, including bank details and tax identification.


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Service Pro 

Service Pro delivers a wide range of cloud-based service management capabilities for your company. The field service software for NetSuite decreases time to resolution, automates field service scheduling, converts incoming calls to work orders, and provides mobile access and workflows all in one dynamic system.


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