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Computing Through The Cloud

May 16, 2019 10:18:01 AM

Software-as-a-Service provides upfront saving over on-premise ERP solutions but the real benefits go much further. There are many factors that prove cloud-based computing is much more beneficial to a company than on-premise servers. You can download the whitepaper for an in-depth analysis, here are some highlights.



Installation and Updates

The installation of cloud-based software is much faster than installing on-premise software. Because of this, customers are able to immediately begin focusing on their business processes without the hassle of waiting for the hardware to be connected. Many SaaS providers give customers access to new features without being forced to go through version upgrades. With more frequent functionality upgrades, cloud-based software works at a faster pace with no action required by the customer. Cloud users spend 11% less than the industry average on ongoing support of existing systems, leaving a greater amount to spend on new business processes.


Not only is implementation faster, cloud-based software is very flexible. Most ERP systems are customized or configured to meet the needs of a specific business. Cloud ERP software configuration involves using tools that already exist and designing them to manage your business needs.


Scalability is important to acknowledge, especially if you are planning to expand your business. With cloud solutions, growing your software alongside your business is easier to achieve. Because cloud-based software is easily accessible online, it may be a better approach for a business that plans to expand, especially through multiple locations.

The strategic benefits of cloud-based computing are strongly in favor of SaaS as the center of the IT strategy for most organizations. We suggest that organizations move towards using cloud software. Cloud software increases company efficiencies with easy installation, updates, and customization, as well as, scalability.

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