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3 Budgeting & Planning Tools To Help Businesses Move Forward

Aug 6, 2020 12:01:11 PM

In business, forecasting tells the story of what the future holds. Lately, that story has had more plot twists than a Hollywood blockbuster film. With so many what-ifs on the table, CFOs need to prepare to shift direction without much warning. That's why we're sharing three tools to help you make confident business predictions. 

1. Data-Driven Planning

With so much uncertainty, businesses are stepping up their planning timelines, a strategy that requires quick access to accurate data from across your entire operation. NetSuite, the world's #1 business management software suite, can deliver the quality data you're searching for. 

2. Uncertain Times Require Proven Solutions

If your company is still wallowing in Excel hell or relying on the less-than-robust features of QuickBooks to make financial decisions, neo3 has a solution. Oracle NetSuite takes the uncertainty out of business operations by providing real-time, anywhere visibility and control of your budgeting, forecasting and all financials. 

3. A Great Opportunity To Upgrade

There is no better time than now to transition to a new business software. As uncertainty begins to lift, you will need the solution's reliability, agility and power for the long term. neo3 can help you maintain reliable access to your most crucial business functions from the office, home or anywhere.

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Jim Rosenberg
Written by Jim Rosenberg