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Solutions FAQ

What is the benefit of acquiring a cloud-based ERP solution such as NetSuite from neo3 rather than going through the developer?
provides advantages you simply can’t get through a developer. With us, you have a local partner who offers industry-specific solutions that are a perfect fit for your business. The neo3 team works with you directly to ensure proper software configuration and implementation.


Would it be more cost-effective to buy from NetSuite Direct?
has access to the same pricing options available through NetSuite Direct.  However, we cut out the middle person and serve as your direct contact for any NetSuite solution.


Can neo3 consolidate multiple platforms into a single software solution?
We have a robust, single database cloud software platform that will allow you to manage your CRM/Sales, Accounting, Financials, Inventory, Manufacturing, Marketing, eCommerce, and just about everything else vital to the survival of your business. Plus, we can integrate third-party systems into our ERP software to provide best of class solutions for vertical industries.


I have a unique business. Does neo3 have a solution for me?
Whatever your industry, business model, or size, we have an ERP business software solution that will streamline your operation. We've helped manufacturing, wholesale distribution, food/beverage, nonprofit, retail, energy, education, software, and just about any business on the planet.


We don't know what we need. Can you determine our ERP requirements?
works with you to develop a list of requisites established by your size, industry, processes, and objectives. We will do a preliminary assessment of your current state and develop a comprehensive plan of action.


As business grows, will ERP scale with my organization?
Our ERP is a 100% scalable system. As you grow, the software will maintain high-performance levels. Scalable software programs from neo3 leave the door open for ever-changing requirements and business environments. 


My monthly closing process is very time consuming, can neo3 help me streamline the process?
is the leading ERP solution and provides centralized financial close management of all period-end close activities, significantly reducing time and resources spent investigating and resolving errors. Although studies have proven that the software cuts closing time 20%-40%, one neo3 customer reported that NetSuite cut his month-end closing time by nearly 80%.


Tell me about your implementation process. How long does an ERP software installation take?
No two businesses are alike and the same holds true for your needs. Every installation is customized to the daily operation of your organization. neo3 works closely with your team to ensure the cloud-based ERP software implementation is done with minimal interruption to your organization.


What is your software training process?
Efficient and timely ERP implementation begins with an all-inclusive plan of action. neo3 believes in teaching your team in-person, on-location at your business. A comprehensive training curriculum from neo3 will maximize the value of your investment.


What about my bottom line?  What can I expect by employing Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning Software such as NetSuite for my business?
implemented by neo3 will deliver proven ROI. Your operational costs will be reduced by removing infrastructure and software upgrade costs and a real-time single source of truth and increased data visibility will enable your employees to work more efficiently. 


Business FAQ

What are your hours of operation?
We are open from 8:00AM until 5:00PM and are generally available for support during that time. Our team takes lunch between 12:00Pm and 1:00PM. After hours support is typically arranged in advance on a case-by-case basis.


What forms of payment are accepted?
We accept company checks, virtual checks and all major credit cards.


How long have you been in business?
, LLC has been in business since October 1, 1999.


What software products do you sell?
We are certified partners with NetSuite and Sage Software.


I have a question about my bill, who should I contact?
Contact Pat Cioffi at Ext. 118 or Jim Rosenberg at Ext. 123.